If you need precise wooden components for your contracts and you would also like to save time and money, then the Hundegger CNC machining center deserves your attention. You don´t need to buy Hundegger K2i, contact company Vesper Frames and take advantage of our technology.
Modern CNC machining systems use CAD/CAM software (eg. cadwork). Projection data are exported into a file that is simply transferred directly to the CNC machines.
CNC woodworking contains computer controlled machining systems. Fully automated machines are the bearers of the revolution in production processes.
Hundegger K2i
Woodworking centre Hundegger K2i is a 5-axis CNC machine that can shape almost infinite variety of types and shapes of wood elements at an unbeatable time and extremely economically.

Hundegger K2i is available for you

If you are interested in woodworking center Hundegger K2i, contact company Vesper Frames . We own this machining center and now it is available as well for you.

Price of machining on Hundegger K2i from 95 EUR/m3

The price is determined by conditions of specific contract, namely:
T: +420 595 172 552
  M: +420 606 772 865

Julia Fučíka 97/101
  795 01 Rýmařov
Czech Republic

Vesper Frames also owns Weinmann technology for timber building prefabrication. We can cut your timber and prefabricate individual walls, ceilings or roof panels of your order. We specialize on individual timber constructions, so we are prepared to meet specific needs of our partners.

Hundegger K2i How does it work?

The function allows to cut lengthwise, crosswise and under any angle, cross sections from 20x40 to 300x625 mm in length to 16 meters, with millimeter precision. Hundegger can automatically cut different elements from one long blank and achieves maximum yield.
milling, halving, tapping, mortising
Hundegger does all these operations with universal 5-axis milling aggregate with shank mill, dovetail and cylindrical mill.
Drilling is done by two drilling units (horizontal and vertical) which can be adjusted to any angle.
Marking and labeling
Individual elements can be marked by unique number and position. Even a very complex roof or timber frame turns into precisely carved, marked and "simple" puzzle. Hundegger technology eliminates the assembly time to minimum and guarantees maximum accuracy.
A complete software solution
Hundegger provides software to export CNC data from CAD/CAM software. You can watch all machined elements on the flat screen.

What can Hundegger K2i do?

Thanks to its 5 axes machining Hundegger K2i handles machining of any wooden components. Your order will gain real dimensions
  • Pavilions
  • Garage parking
  • Roof construction and carpentry roof ties
  • Family houses and residential buildings
  • Log buildings
  • Farm buildings, riding-schools, stables
  • Halls
  • Large span Structures
  • Civil engineering
  • Walkways and Bridges
  • Special and hybrid structures
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